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near roevm. >> here -- rome. >> many are delighted a south american has been chosen to lead the world's billion plus catholics. nick smith is live tonight with reaction to the new pontiff. nick? >> absolutely. parishioners here in oakland and ash bishop burnett learned the identity of the pope. >> i just happen to wear my san francisco hat. >> faithful attending afternoon mass were among the first to learn a new pope had been selected. >> i had my detroit lion hat on. >> ash bishop burnett says choosing this pope doesn't guarantee he's a 49ers fan but it's sending a message. the future of the church rests where the bulk of the world catholics live, global south. >> country is south america,
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argentina some of the biggest catholic countries in the world there. is a lot to say for having someone that represents strongly those back grounds but yet it's universal. >> it's a victory. everyone who believes is a rep sif of -- representative christ a. >> i'm sure he's going ton an inspiration. >> ash bishop burnett says he believes he will be the kind of leader the church needs. >> combination of tradition with modern times, i'm hoping that these two things can be blended into a new reality for us. >> now, pope francis has called pope burnett -- excuse me, benedict the 16th and tomorrow, will celebrate mass with the college of cardinals in the sistine chapel at his inauguration mass set for next tuesday at st. peter's
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basilica. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you so much. >> more now on pope francis's background. he was born in buenes aires becoming ash bishop in 1998 and known for his work on social justice issues and with the poor. he has a tiny apartment and we're told he takes the bus. well in, addition to being the first pope from latin america he's the first jesuit pope, known as god's marines for their willingness to work anywhere and to live in extreme conditions. they're also committed to education, social justice and missionary work as well. so, what is in a name? well, he's the first pope francis likely named for st. francis of asisisi. the city of san francisco is also named for him. he believed living in poverty was an important part of a spiritual live. there is another st. trancis of xavier a jesuit missionary.
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so perhaps it has double meaning. >> associate professor at santa clara university knows the pope and expects him to provide strong leadership. he saw pope francis just before he was named bishop in 1992. the professionor says he provided a study hand and expects the same to happen during pope francis's tenure at the vatican. >> affective as administrator but also a spiritual leader. the two came tegt nicely. >> pope francis is the first je. suit which is a roman catholic order that add minute straits throughout the world. he. >> well, i'm glad he's a jesuit that. is -- he's from argentinea. it
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might give broader perspective. >> governor brown today. the selection of came as a surprise to odds maker as cording to paddy power odds were 33-1 he would become pope. the web site says it accepted nearly $1 billion -- million worth of bets on the papal race. several people did bet at least one person made big money betting early. >> coming up here in four minute weerz going to take you tloif vatican city for a report on the mood and celebration of catholics who became part of history as 266th pope was selected. >> now, we're going move on to other news of the day. police reacting today to calls from the highest reaches of government for the military to do more to prosecute a a.accused sex offenders in the service. those calls after an army
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veteran gunned down two detectives last month. laura? >> hi, cheryl, the memorial remains here in front of santa cruz police headquarters today, a top member of the department spoke to us in reaction to all of the talk in washington about how the military treats the sex offenders in their midst, including jeremy goulet. >> it's time for us to take swift steps for. >> the debate has hit home for the the santa cruz police force. having just lost two of the detectives to a gunman some say should have been locked up in a military prison. >> what is it going to take to convince the military that sexual assault is a violent and vicious crime and that those who perpetuate it are capable of other crimes. >> senator boxer weighs in on
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how the military ledlett accused sex offenders off with little more than a slap on the wrist. twice, while serving in the army goulet was accused of attempted rape but instead of a trial he went on his way with dishonorable discharge. >> we're all part of one family. >> former defense secretary refered to goulet's military record for the memorials of the fallen detective autos these are important questions to ask. >> santa cruz deputy chief steve clark says the department is beginning the mourning process but thinks accountability is a good idea. >> there is a strong possibility had there been follow through instead of brushing this aside this individual would have been in custody and would not have had the ability to carry out their crimes.
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>> there is some action in the wake of the shooting. legislation would bar military commanders from overturning court marshaled conviction autos thank you. a contingent of bay area mothers is in washington, d.c. to fight for tougher gun control legislation. 11 bay area women joined 200 moms to demand achblgts the group met with senator barbara boxer before attending a rally. >> i think if moms in america teamed up in the mid west, south and north and east in the west. we can do this. so much of this battle is going to depend on you. >> the sandy hook school massacre prompted the grass roots group to start organizing. >> city college of san francisco has until friday to
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prove that it is more financially secure fit cannot, the college could lose it's accreditation and close. tomorrow, students and staff plan to walk out to protest cuts being made by the school. organizers have been handing out flyers and sate school should pursue funding from state and local sources. mayor ed lee says ccsf is just too important to the community to close. >> we've got to keep the economics of city college zbog keep decision making going. this is an incredible institution we have to have a good functioning city chej we've been the best in california. we've got to remain the best. >> the commission that acredits junior colleges will decide on the fate in june. >> san francisco grammy award winning symphony musicians are going on strike.
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work stoppage anoinsed a week before they're scheduled to begin begin a tour including carnegie hall. the labor union says they want management to open their books, management says a new three-year contract would have kept musicians among the three highest paid or tress chai -- orchestras in the country. >> let's go back to the new election of the pope abc news reporter has been covering the conclave and reports live tonight from value kin city. >> it's amazing night in st. peter's scare. we've been standing in that rain about four and a half hours sitting under that chimney and just watching it. that is not what happened. i was in the middle of doing a live report from that crowd for our 11:00 edition of eyewitness news in los
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angeles. i had just thrown it back to anchors on the set. they're talking to me, then, all of a sudden, white smoke appeared. tours from all over the world found this fascinating to watch. back to you. >> oh, oh, white smoke, white smoke. can you see it? there is a white smoke. we have white smoke. we have a pope. >> what are you feeling right now? >> so exciting. so happy. they found a pope. it's incredible feeling. everyone is cheering and having a great time. >> crowd is moving n they're trying to get closer to the balcony there. glur a great position. how are you feel something. >> g i feel like continuingels throughout my body. everything is here, everyone is so
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excited excitement here is just nuts. >> now folks have settled down and squeezed in close as possible. and we just sit here and wait watching the balcony up here. that is where the new pope will show himself. they're telling the crowd who the pope is. >> he's from argentina! the pope is bergoglio! >> argentina!
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>> this is such a universal experience, everyone chanting the name and singing just made you feel like a part of a community. >> my friend and i almost left. we'd been standing here so many hours in the rain and were freezing. then, we decided last minute we'd stick around just in case. and when the smoke came out, we thought it's black then take a look and realized it's white. just mazing and we're like i can't believe we're here! they picked a pope we're in rome. it's an amazing feeling i'm lucky happen yes to be part of it. >> what is most memorable for you?. >> the people i met here for
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different reasons. very special and seeing tears and peoples' iz up front? very special we were lucky to see the white smoke but also, very lucky that we happened to be standing with a bunch of people from argentina what the announcement came that the pope, new pope was from argentinea. he's going to be a very busy man. for certain people will know who he is, what he stands for and catholics from around the world are supportive on that day. they'll come here by the hundreds of thousands. it will be a sight to see it will be as today was a sight to see. what a personal privilege. >> yes. very, very exciting. we'll have more news head, coming up, california is about to face a medical emergency.
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what is behind the state's critical need to put doctors to work. >> temperatures start to heat up. the budget crisis threatens to keep parks open only on a limb yaited basis.
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california moving to expand medical coverage but there is a dilemma here, there are not enough doctor dwrorz treat a new rush of insured patients. we're live in sacramento tonight to explain a proposed solution to this and it sounds controversial. >> very controversial, dan. in fact about seven million californians are uninsured in this state. lauchls may have set off a turf war by proposing to
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expand professional boundaries in the medical world. california expands health coverage to millions, the state won't have enough doctor autos latino communities. >> state senator ed hernandez points to a map highlighting in dark colors where the shortage will be most severe. 16 of the 58 counties can meet the government's recommended supply of primary physicians. >> if we're going to mandate every person in this country to buy health insurance we have to make sure that that scare available for them. >> senator hernandez and other lawmakers proposed to let nurse practitioners, physicians assistance and pharmacists treat patients for some illnesses most agree they have more training than they're allowed to use. nurse practitioners would allowed toed to set up their own practice but the proposed shake up is ruffling feathers at california medical association. doctors long been the gate
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keepers of care and worry about patient safety under this plan. >> my concern would be they have adequate training and experience for patients they're seeing. they might miss something. >> cindy baldo liked being treated by a nurse practitioner and supports the idea of giving other staff more responsibilities. >> i really really like them. they were very, you know just like having a doctor but talking a lot about my pain and i had many epidurals for my spinal cord. >> to expand the loan repayment program for graduates taking jobs in rural area but neither will produce more doctors by january. cma is pushing state to fund more residency spots and can
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fund patients during his or her training. >> one of the main tourist spots starting to feel the impact of the cuts. golden gate national recreation area. officials now have to cut nearly 9% of their budget meaning dirtier bathrooms and fewer park rangers. >> we're looking at having 30 fewer permanent positions we'd normally have or want to have at this time of the year. >> visitors are going to see closed attractions. alcatras will not be affect bid cuts. >> bay area is bathed in sunshine this evening but that is not the case in areas this morning. check out the toll traffic backed up because of foggy
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conditions across the bridge. worse on the san mateo bridge. when fog disyip paid it warmed up. sunshine poured into the mission district as well as rest of the bay area. turned out warm in spots. >> so will it last? that is the question. it will last in a modified form. into the 80s today, spring is a week away but it's feeling like it's there. beautiful skies behind me. it feels warm up here as it should. spring almost here. live doppler 7 showing just a patch or two of fog. most areas enjoying sun, sheer how warm it got in your area or how mild.
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up to 82 in morgan hill. 81 in napa. up to 71 in san francisco. 75 oakland. near 80 degree readings in mifr more, 62 on the coast in half moon bay. you can see it's mostly sunny there. san jose, 72. san carl yots, 5 degrees. from our camera high clouds there in the distance. here are the temperatures. it's 76 degrees in fairfield. warm out there, still. dense coastal fog tonight. high clouds tomorrow mixing in with sun and a dry pattern lasting throughout the weekend. here is a look at pacific satellite picture. today warmest in next several
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day days, temperatures will be coming down a few degrees tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning you'll want to watch out for some patches of dense fog along the coast. temperatures mid 40s and low 50s tomorrow we'll start off with fog as mentioned and it will pull away. 70s inland. 7 in the south bay in san jose. beautiful day on the peninsula. low 70s in palo alto and mountain view. you can see the fog there. maybe a patch, two hanging around into early afternoon. 65 in downtown san francisco. north bay, mid-70s around nef vatto 73 in santa rosa. east bay communities 67 in oakland, inland and you're still going to get a chance to
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enjoy the warmth. 75 in livermore. my accu-weather forecast showing you those temperatures trending lower every day heading into weekend. and beyond. st. patrick's day will be dry for anything have you planned. cloudier, cooler monday and tuesday. spring arrives on wednesday, we'll see the possibility of rain and our live doppler 7 will be tracking it. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. >> just sparkling. >> i know. >> still to come reason behind a call from the state capitol to make the last call for alcohol later. >> then at 6:00 a service for those of you who just can't deal with snail mail anymore. how to outsour
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an jose city council considering a crack down on bicyclist who's ride on sidewalks. sidewalk riding is legal in the city for new rules applying only to downtown area though. plans include new apartments and development downtown so the city wants to make it safer for pedestrians. bart making more room for bicycles. officials holding a second pilot program giving bikes more access. next week from monday to friday, bicycle lbz allowed on all bart trains during all hours. bart redesigning the designs since the first pilot program to give bikes more space near the doors. now this may be last test before bart board develops a permanent bicycle policy. >> a state senator from san francisco wants to make last call later. under senator leno's proposal, cities and counties could petition to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. as they do in other major
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cities like new york. leno says he knows the bill would co-raise concerns however, he believes it could benefit the economy. >> given we compete nationally and internationally for conventions and visitors we're at a disadvantage because our cities zront this option. so that is all it is. imposes nothing on anyone. >> the bill would only apply to bars, restaurants and nightclubs. liquor store closing times will not change. >> news from mars making rounds this week. >> coming up next rover mission at
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i'm ama daetz. reaction from the city for the historic selection. unique perspectives on the pontiff from local church leaders also a progress report on a fourth floor of the
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caldecott tunnel. features will make this a roadway. and the life of pi. the number not the movie and the unusual celebration for the math at that time matt cal content. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. dan, cheryl, back to you. >> we're looking forward to seeing that. >> coming up a big week for science and space lover autos a replica of the curiosity landed on the capitol this week. >> it's the same size as curiosity which is exploring mars. it also features first two rovers to show off the evolution of the robot. >> it's all part of california aerospace week. nasa says to educate about impact of the aerospace contributions to the world. >> and the scientists honored on monday in sacramento. >> yes. good stuff there. >> world news is coming up next.

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